• 1989

    A Heart For Guyana

    Angelica Rivera (Peru) and four Brazilians began to feel a God-stirring in their hearts for the nation of Guyana. The YWAM team took ministry trips to build relational connections and pursue God’s vision for this land.

  • 1990

    Let’s Get Started!

    Led by Jackie and Vicki Rozier (USA), a team moved to Georgetown, Guyana and began the work of pioneering this new ministry.

  • 1991

    It’s Official

    Youth With A Mission Guyana was legally incorporated as a non-profit ministry. Many local churches and international work/ministry teams worked alongside the team to minister to the nation of Guyana. They began a “night school” Discipleship Training program and sheltered “street boys” until a permanent home could be found. Other ministry initiatives included the Mission Bridge Night School, Worship Symposiums, March for Jesus, Senior Citizens ministry, serving the HIV/Aids hospital ward, and facilitating local ministry for teams who came to serve.

  • 1997

    Expanding the Vision

    Kimberly Cook became the leader of the ministry, and with her, a vision to bring the news of Jesus to Guyana’s interior jungle regions. The team sought to “plant a church where there is none”.

  • 1999


    With the help of many people, the team was able to see a church planted, a primary school started and medical outreaches in the village of Imbaimadai (Region 7). The transformative work of God’s Word and Spirit along with advancing community development helped shape the future of this growing village.

  • 2005

    Focus on Community

    God led the team to purse moving the ministry to the city of Parika and focus on community development. They bought land, did staff training, and began making their plans. At this time, Philbert and Neeloyani (Beno) Henriques were commissioned as the leaders of YWAM Guyana. Only 15 days later, Philbert had a heart attack and passed away.

  • 2006

    Starting Again

    Kim, leading again, and Neeloyani (Beno) moved on to the land and began the hard work of pioneering a campus and meeting the needs of the community. With the help of the local churches and work teams, each building was constructed and, to their relief, basic utilities were added. Staff joined them, and soon they had a flourishing ministry.

  • Literacy Training Center

    As a fulfilment of Philbert’s vision, the staff offered Literacy Training programs for many years.

  • 2007

    Discipleship Training Schools

    As the campus housing grew, they were again able to offer Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) as a part of their ministry. Over the years, many people have been transformed by God’s word and Spirit and many nations have heard the gospel through their outreaches.

  • 2015

    School of Ministry Development

    The campus began to offer the School of Ministry Development (SOMD) as a secondary training after the DTS.

  • 2020

    Pass the Baton

    With the pioneering phase completed, Kim prayed for someone from the next generation to take up the ministry. Josiah and Jordan Landis were commissioned by the staff to lead YWAM Guyana.

  • 2022

    Hospital Ministry Coming to an End

    Over a period of 15 years, the campus had a strong team of faithful volunteers that would minister to hospital patients every Friday. They prayed for parents of sick children, visited patients in the infectious disease ward, and brought gifts and toiletries to the patients. After many rewarding years of ministry, the hospital team has decided to bring it to a close.

  • 2022

    New Campus Leader

    After two years of leadership, Josiah and Jordan Landis stepped down and passed the baton to Vanessa Ross. She was commissioned by the staff to lead YWAM Guyana.