It is not often that we are faced with the reality of death. 

The reality that there is a time limit on life as we know it on this Earth. 

In these past few weeks, though, I think many people have been wrestling with it more than they may realize. 

With the sudden onset and fast spread of the COVID-19 virus, people, including myself, have been wrestling with questions like “what happens if myself or my loved ones get sick?”, “will people I know die?”, “what can help or save me?”. 

In times of uncertainty like this, things that make people feel secure (such as seeing store shelves stocked with readily available food and supplies) are suddenly gone and people are left feeling helpless, defensive and fearful. 

What did you feel? How did you react? 

Often times, trials knock down things that were propping us up and reveal what we are really standing on. What is your life standing on? 

Here’s mine:

Jesus. My only hope for peace and assurance in times of uncertainty. I can feel His presence with me at every moment of every day and his voice guides me through all my tough decisions. He made this Earth, He has a plan for it, and He will make his perfect home and kingdom here someday. He helps me help others in hard situations. He heals, comforts, and provides even in impossible situations. Even if everything else may fail, I trust Him who does not fail. I am not afraid, because I know He loves me, wants what’s best for me, and has the power to do it. 

If you want this kind of assurance in relationship with Jesus, it is a free gift to you! There are not enough good works in the world to earn it. Only believe and receive. 

I will let you know, though, that it will cost you something in this life. 

Here’s what it cost me:

My pride of being able to say “I did this myself”. Being in charge of my life. (Doing what I want, when I want to. Jesus is in charge now. I only do what He wants me to, but I have found, His ways are so good, much better than mine anyway.) My selfishness (putting others before myself and not demanding my own way). 

I find it’s very worth it

How do I get this? Talk to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you for all of the wrong things you have done. Invite Him to be the leader of your life. Give Him control. Do what He wants you to do (if you don’t know what that is, read the Holy Bible and ask Him what He wants for your life). 

For those who already know and follow Jesus, take compassion on those around you who don’t. You have the most wonderful gift of assurance, peace and joy to offer them in this time of uncertainty, fear, and chaos. 

We all have been faced with the reality of death. 

The reality that there is a time limit on life as we know it on this Earth. 

Let it remind us that there will be an end someday. No one knows when. Let it create an urgency in our hearts to share our faith and the gift that God has given us.

The time is short. Let’s make use of it! 

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