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Imagining a Future Without God

Here’s a familiar scenario.  You have a thought about an upcoming situation. You think “oh no! What if this scenario (the worst possible outcome) happened!” Emotions rise and you hold your breath as you watch the pictures unfold in your mind. You imagine how devastated you would be. You think of how you would respond. …

From Pruning to Pesto

Four spiritual lessons learned from a basil plant  When Jesus walked this earth He told stories to illustrate spiritual concepts. He used objects and scenarios that people would have seen or experienced every day. I would imagine that if He had lived in our day, he might have put smart phones, driving a car or…

How Did You React to the COVID-19?

It is not often that we are faced with the reality of death.  The reality that there is a time limit on life as we know it on this Earth.  In these past few weeks, though, I think many people have been wrestling with it more than they may realize.  With the sudden onset and…

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